Tech Trends 2012

Deloitte’s annual Technology Trends report examines technology put to practical business use. This year’s theme, Elevate IT for digital business, examines the broad impacts of five technology forces that have influenced our reports over the past several years – analytics, mobility, social, cloud and cyber security.  

What makes Technology Trends unique from other trends reports? Each trend that we select must be actionable, that is, you can do something to the business to achieve improvement. They are relevant today, not in the “flying car future.” And they have measurable value to the enterprise.

It’s an uncommon, and perhaps even unique, time to have so many emerging forces – all rapidly evolving, technology-centric and each already impacting business so strongly. Whether or not you have previously thought of your business as inherently digital, the convergence of these forces offers a new set of tools, opening the door to a new set of rules for operations, performance and competition. This is an opportunity for IT to truly help elevate business performance. 

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1 - Social Business
2 - Gamification
3 - Enterprise Mobility Unleashed
4 - User Empowerment
5 - Hyper-hybrid Cloud
6 - Big Data Goes to Work
7 - Geospatial Visualization
8 - Digital Identities
9 - Measured Innovation
10 - Outside-in Architecture

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