Technology Trends 2013: A public sector perspective

The opportunity for government to take advantage of the evolving technology landscape is as compelling as ever, with IT advancements offering new sets of tools to tackle emerging and persistent challenges.

Since last year, we’ve looked closely at five forces: social, mobile, cloud, analytics, and cyber. When strategically combined, these technologies help boost productivity, enhance service to citizens, and drive innovation. The insights and examples championed in Deloitte’s report, “Technology Trends: A public sector perspective,” only scratch the surface of what’s possible. As organizations look to innovative uses of technology to address their continuing budget pressures, these trends will likely play a greater role in helping organizations drive real change in the way they operate and serve constituents.

Our report places a public sector lens on the 10 technology trends – five “disruptors” and five “enablers” – that will likely impact how agencies do business, deliver on their missions, and serve constituents over the next 18 to 24 months

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CIO as the Postdigital Catalyst
Mobile Only (and beyond)
Social Reengineering by Design
Design as a Discipline
IPv6 (and this time we mean it)
Finding the Face of Your Data
Gamification Goes to Work
Reinventing the ERP Engine
No Such Thing as Hacker-proof
The Business of IT

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