The State Policy Road Map: Solutions for the Journey Ahead

During this time of economic, technical, and political transformation, many states are looking for fresh thinking as they look to meet citizen needs. Embracing change can help states become capable of evolving quickly to close the gap between “what is” and “what could be.”
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Delivering the digital state
A state workforce to meet modern challenges
Delivering innovative, better, and lower-cost state government
Smart government: Unleashing the power of data
The challenges that could change everything
Emerging trends
Ten bold plays for the future
Health care: Improving outcomes, controlling costs
K-12 education: Old debates yielding to new realities
Higher education: New models for the future
Human services: Rethinking delivery for greater impact
Economic development: Cultivating prosperity
Infrastructure: Closing the gap
The future of mobility: Accelerate ahead
Law and justice: New options for public security