2021 banking and capital markets outlook Strengthening resilience accelerating transformation

In our 2021 banking and capital markets outlook, 200 industry leaders weighed in on their companies’ COVID-19 recovery efforts. How can the emerging lessons serve as a catalyst for business transformation?
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Redefining the art of the possible in a post-COVID-19 world
Sustainable finance: A unique opportunity for inspiring leadership
Digital customer engagement: The next frontier
Talent: Boosting well-being and productivity through resilient leadership
Operations: Building long-term resilience, and using technology for strategic cost transformation
Technology: Capitalizing on the multiplicative value of different technologies
Finance: Driving strategic value through data
Risk: Creating a new risk control architecture
Cyber risk: Investing for greater resilience
M&A: Rewriting the playbook for a postpandemic world
Key actions to consider in the business segments